assistenza macchine industria alimentare
G.R.C. puts the customer in the centre of its work and seeks to answer all the specific needs in order to supply total support for machinery in the canning and preserving industries. The company provides global support for the machines of the food and canning industries. Thanks to the great professionalism of its staff, the company ensures complete satisfaction of every client’s need by supplying products and support for machines in the food and preserving industries that in any case maintain the optimum quality/price ratio.

The company from Montecchio Emilia offers exceptional customer support for all the equipment that GRC produces, such as the seamers for cans. Those who come to GRC know that they can always count on ready and courteous customer service that is constantly on hand to quickly resolve any problems and to advise customers on how to improve performance of their production lines.


Within our customer support there is a the G.R.C. technical consultancy that starts from simple advice for regulating the machines of the food industry, up to the choice of suitable profiles or to making suggestions for the resolution of any problems tied to the adaptations of the machinery. This service reaches up to feasibility studies and/or complete designs on individual specifications, even outside the standards.


A fundamental characteristic of the customer services is the attention to all the aspects that contribute to the creation of a product that is based on an excellent and long-term relationship with the customer. The commitment put into the creation of the production and the designs is shared equally with the after sales activity and in the maintenance of the machinery. G.R.C. follows the product after delivery and is on hand to mount the parts on the machine in the client’s premises and is always present when the rebuilded machine is put on line and started.
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