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G.R.C.’s production in the territory of Reggio Emilia does not concern only crimping spindles and rollers but also the production of equipment and spare parts for all the machines used in the food and canning industries. The accumulated experience, together with the company’s continuous commitment to the search for materials and solutions that are always avant-garde, place G.R.C. amongst the leaders in the sector dedicated to the design and production of complete equipment for the machinery of the food sector.

Spare parts for modifying, improving and protecting from wear all the types of machines used in the canning and preserving industries..

G.R.C. guarantees the utmost efficiency and the best quality/price ratio on the market for changing the complete format for cans, bottoms and lids and parts in general. The company allows its customers to adapt their production easily and quickly.
equipment for the machinery

For those who desire the supply of complete equipment or individual parts for all the machines that make up the tin plate can production line, the company from Reggio Emilia offers: blades for shears with circular knives with relative supports, cutting and separation sectors and cutting knives, bumpers and edging rings, SPIN FLANGERS and complete edging heads for edge banders, Sectors and ribbing rollers for ribbing machines. The company also has equipment for ring and roll tapering machines, crimping spindles and rollers for seamers and combined groups.


G.R.C. provides complete sets or individual parts for machines that make up the lid production line such as: Complete moulds and spare parts for the production of lids, Rings and sectors for single or double curlers, peeler groups for presses, wrappers and electrocoating.
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