Ricambi per macchine dell'industria alimentare.
GRC specializes in the supply of equipment for machines of any make or model in the canning and preserving industries.

All the equipment, such as, for example, seamers for cans, are designed and produced with the utmost care and attention. The machinery is distinguished by the high quality and utmost safety, as well as for their versatility.

They are suitable for all containers and represent the ideal kit for all the industrial machines needed for the construction and closing of tin plate metal containers and others metal containers. These containers are used in various industrial fields such as food, beverage, general line or aerosol.

We produce equipment for Seamers, Combined machines, Combined Groups, Body Cutters, Edge banding, Spin Flangers, Tapering machines, Beaders, lid moulds, etc. We select the most reliable brands makes such as: Angelus, Fmc, Sima, Zacmi, Cft, Comaco, Lanico, Manzini, Aronpack, Cevolani, Cantec, Fmi, Ferrum, Zilli and Bellini, Sargiani, Sabatier, MGR, Luciani, Somme, Metalbox, Klinghammer, etc.

GRS also provides inspection services and machine modifications for the above machines according to the needs of individual customers.

In order to achieve the optimum characteristics in the production of the equipment according to the specific requirements of the spare part requested, the products are ground with centesimal precision.

All the profiles of the particular products are designed, produced and controlled under all the points of view in order to maintain high quality standards from both the size and geometrical point of view and as regards the roughness of the surfaces.
The materials and relative thermal treatments together with any surface coverings are chosen to achieve the highest performance according to the individual problems.

We know that day to day activity inevitably exposes any industrial equipment to wear and tear.
G.R.C. intervenes for this reason and thanks to its great experience we can design and replace spare parts such as crimping spindles, ribbing sectors, spare parts and equipment for seamers.
This protects the machines from wear and tear by carrying out maintenance and ensuring an excellent yield from machines that were wisely modified and inspected.

Investing in equipment for machinery such as that sold by GRC, for example, the seamers for cans, means investing in safety.
In fact, these components not only guarantee the high standard of quality for the products that will be preserved in the cans or the seamed containers, but also optimize all the process of production and closing of the can it self.
You will be able to improve your company’s performance thanks to the equipment for the production line of the can and its related closures, thus guaranteeing your customers the highest quality and safety.
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